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MTA's $836M action plan may be upended by lack of city funding

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The Cuomo administration is hopeful that the city will chip in

Next month, MTA chief Joe Lhota will reveal details of his $836 million action plan to fix the subway, but that rescue plan may not be all that effective if the MTA isn’t able to secure any money from the city, the New York Daily News reports.

Lhota informed MTA board members at a recent meeting that he would detail how he plans to pay for the $836 million emergency fix, and what the agency would prioritize in terms of work on the subway. Lhota however declined to comment on what work would be prioritized if the full funding didn’t come through.

The de Blasio administration has already said that it won’t make a financial contribution towards this emergency plan since the MTA is a state-run agency. A financial officer for the MTA told the Daily News that the funds will likely be in place for the immediate future, but long term fixes could falter due to the lack of funds.

The city’s transportation commissioner, Polly Trottenberg (who is also an MTA board member) asked that the agency think more creatively about how to procure the funds, and potentially change the agency’s priorities to make the subway repairs of the utmost importance. Recently, the agency came under fire once again for its $100 million plan to build Art Deco towers in front of the city’s bridges and tunnels, when the subway is in need of funds.

Still, members of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration are hopeful that the de Blasio administration will come through, according to the Daily News.