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In Greenwich Village, old meets new in this sophisticated $8.8M co-op

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The ceiling heights in this duplex range from 13 feet to 25 feet

Via Douglas Elliman

Located on East 9th Street, just a couple of blocks north of Washington Square Park, this spacious Greenwich Village apartment is a duplex unit within a four-story building built in 1838.

If the listing photos are anything to go by, this apartment seamlessly blends old world charm with modern finishes. Aside from the fact that it’s located in a 179-year-old townhouse, the apartment features several gas and wood-burning fireplaces.

Modern additions to the apartment include the skylight above the kitchen and the glass flight of stairs, that leads to the upper level.

The apartment can be entered through the lower level, and opens up into the art-packed dining room (though the art isn’t part of the sale). The formal living room is to the left, and the kitchen is on the right, as is one of the three bedrooms located within the apartment.

A small patio on this floor is one of the two outdoor spaces available to future residents of the apartment. The other is a massive outdoor deck on the upper level, which is perfect “for indoor/outdoor galas,” according to the brokerbabble.

The master suite is on the upper level, as is an additional bedroom that comes with its own walk-in closet. The apartment particularly benefits from the tall ceiling heights that range from 13 feet to 25 feet in some areas.

For all of that, this co-op is asking $8.79 million with steep monthlies of $4,775.