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Bjarke Ingels tapped for replacement for Nomad's erstwhile Bancroft Building

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Moshe Safdie was originally attached to design the building at 3 West 29th Street

The Bancroft Building in 2014, pre-demolition.
Hannah Frishberg

The historic Bancroft Building came down in 2015, but plans for what would replace the handsome 19th-century office building have yet to be finalized. For a time, it looked like a skyscraper designed by Moshe Safdie would rise in the building’s place.

Developer HFZ Capital even went as far as to get approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission for the Safdie design, since—as part of its collaboration with the Collegiate Churches of New York on the project—the developer will be required to repair and maintain the landmarked Marble Collegiate Church and Gilsey House, which surround the site.

But it appears that in the year and change since that happened, HFZ has changed its tune. YIMBY reports that Bjarke Ingels Group is now attached to the project, per a new Department of Buildings filing. (Curbed has reached out to BIG for comment; we’ll update with any new information.) The new filing is also notable because it appears the building has shrunk: Under Safdie’s proposal, it would have stood nearly 800 feet tall; now, it appears that it’ll be just 34 stories and 551 feet tall.

According to the filing, the majority of the building’s 300,000 square feet of space will be reserved for offices, though an exercise room and roof terrace are also listed as amenities.

This isn’t the first time that HFZ has partnered with BIG on a project; the two firms are working on the dual-tower hotel-condo hybrid that’s rising at 76 Eleventh Avenue, close to the High Line. Construction on that project, known as The Eleventh, is well underway and the whole thing is expected to open in 2019.