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East River Greenway to kick off design process next week

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Construction on the stretch between East 53rd and 61st Streets is set to begin in 2019

Via NYC Mayor’s Office

The East River Greenway—a planned waterfront esplanade between East 38th Street and East 61st Street—is moving forward. The formal design process for the stretch of the Greenway between East 53rd and East 61st Street will begin next week, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Friday.

“The Manhattan Greenway stands out as open space that connects communities to one another and also to New York’s expansive and beautiful waterfront,” de Blasio said in a statement. “Closing this gap will vastly improve quality of life for New Yorkers, and for East Siders who’ve advocated for decades to get this done.”

Earlier this year, de Blasio committed $100M towards creating this eight-block stretch, which will take the city one step closer towards having “a contiguous 32-mile waterfront pedestrian promenade and bicycling path around the whole of Manhattan.”

This entire stretch is known as the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway. The last major chunk of it to be completed was the section between West 81st and 91st Street, which in turn created a contiguous stretch along the Hudson River from Battery Park to the George Washington Bridge. Now, the city is hoping to make the East River waterfront more accessible to pedestrians and cyclists as well. Construction on this section of the Greenway is set to get underway in 2019, with completion expected in 2022.