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Here's how you can watch the Kosciuszko Bridge come down on Sunday

In the early hours of Sunday, the remnants of the old bridge will disappear


After some back and forth, the last of the old Kosciuszko Bridge will disappear this Sunday, Bedford+Bowery first reported. The remainder of the old bridge was initially scheduled for demolition on September 24, but last week, the demolition, known as “energetic felling,” was postponed indefinitely.

Well, now it’s definite. The demolition will take place at 7:15 a.m. this Sunday, and some lucky New Yorkers can actually get to watch it in person. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office has setup a lottery system to make that happen, and those who manage to secure a spot will get to check out the demolition with the governor himself.

The new Kosciuszko Bridge debuted amid a glittering ceremony in April this year, and the demolition of the old span had been scheduled for a while now. The main span of the bridge was dismantled and shipped on Newtown Creek to eventually be discarded at a New Jersey scrapyard. Now it’s time to say goodbye to the final pieces.