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World Trade Center's iconic 'Sphere' sculpture is now on view at Liberty Park

The Sphere spent over a decade at Battery Park prior to this

AP Photo/Peter Morgan

Just a month after it was announced that Fritz Koenig’s iconic Sphere sculpture would return to the World Trade Center complex, the metallic work of art will now be open to the public.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced that the sculpture would be visible to the public starting Wednesday, at the sculpture’s new home in Liberty Park.

Koenig’s Sphere stood between the Twin Towers from their opening back in the 1970s, and was badly destroyed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The sculpture was eventually recovered from the rubble, and about six months later, it was moved to Battery Park.

It remained there until the Port Authority’s board approved its transfer back to the World Trade Center complex, last summer. It was installed at Liberty Park in August, and has been undergoing cleaning work since.

Koenig unfortunately did not live to see his most iconic artwork return to the World Trade Center site; he died in February this year.

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