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Hudson Yards’s construction timeline could jeopardize Gateway Tunnel project

The futures of Hudson Yards and the Gateway Project are intertwined—here's how

Courtesy of Amtrak

Could work on Hudson Yards impede the Gateway Tunnel project? That’s the question Crain’s is exploring in a story about the rail tunnel. State elected officials need to come up with $440 million to complete the final section of the tunnel, which will be located under the megaproject.

The problem: Related Companies is set to deck the western half of the megaproject next year, and if the funds aren’t secured for Gateway, the entire tunnel project will become obsolete. In order for the Gateway project to be successful, it needs to be built in sync with construction on Hudson Yards.

This, Crain’s explains, is because the tunnel snakes through the Hudson Yards development to provide a connection to Penn Station. The tunnel will have nine-foot-thick concrete walls to support it from the weight of the megadevelopment above, but the pilons for the Hudson Yards deck need to be built in conjunction with the tunnel.

The Gateway Tunnel is largely dependent on federal funding, and the Trump administration hasn’t yet made it clear how it much it will provide towards this project. Federal funds that came through in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, along with funds provided by Amtrak, helped build the first two sections of the tunnel, and New York and New Jersey are supposed to split the cost with the federal government on the final section.

Those working on the Gateway Tunnel project, however, expressed confidence that the project would move forward. “There are no easy ways to fund it, but there are ongoing discussions right now,” John Porcari, the interim head of Gateway Development Corp., told Crain’s. “I would leave it at that.”