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Big reveal: $750K for a classic Upper West Side co-op

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Did you guess correctly?

There was just one correct guess for this week’s Pricespotter apartment, an Upper West Side co-op with classic charm: Svetlana_NYC hit the nail on the head with the price tag; this apartment is asking $750,000. (“I wouldn’t be surprised if the buyers up the ante to $800K,” Svetlana noted in her comment.)

Here are the specifics: The apartment is located at 710 West End Avenue—not a Rosario Candela building, as one commenter guessed, but one designed by George F. Pelham. It’s on the corner of 95th Street, close to the 1/2/3 at 96th Street, and also (as we noted) close to Riverside Park.

Though no one seemed to outright hate the apartment, there were plenty of nits that commenters picked, mostly about the built-in storage in the bedroom; the word “fishbowl” also came up a lot, too. But as greybox86 noted, it’s still a “very solid” apartment.

Let’s look at the floorplan one more time: