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Gorgeous gut-renovated Brooklyn Heights carriage house wants $8.8M

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It first listed for a slightly higher price

Via Compass

Despite the fact that this renovated Brooklyn Heights carriage house is basically, well, renovated Brooklyn Heights carriage house perfection, it hasn’t had the easiest time finding a buyer. It first hit the market back in January, with a $10 million price tag.

But presumably, there weren’t any takers at that price point; the sellers have switched brokers (it’s now with Compass) and lowered the price to $8.8 million. It’s quite a price jump from the last time the home sold back in 2011—then, its current owners picked it up for just $2.7 million. But it’s benefited from a thorough, exquisite overhaul that almost justifies a hefty price tag.

As we previously reported, the place was gut renovated by Baxt Ingui Architects, and fresh listings photos show off the house in all of its glory. Behind its 29.5-foot facade is a 5,200-square-foot home with five bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a garage, a huge central skylight, and other lovely features. It also has three separate outdoor spaces (because why have just one, apparently), including a roof deck with an attached den.

As commenters pointed out previously, the ultra-modern interior of the home is a bit at odds with its charming 19th-century exterior, but it’s still quite lovely nonetheless. But $8.8 million worth of lovely? That remains to be seen.