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Old Kosciuszko Bridge demolition, set for this month, gets delayed

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The circa-1939 span will stand to see another day


UPDATE: Brooklyn Paper now reports that the September 24 demolition has been postponed. A new demo date has not been set.

The time has come to say goodbye to the old Kosciuszko Bridgefor real this time. According to DNAInfo, the remaining spans of the circa-1939 crossing, which connected Brooklyn to Queens, will be blown up in a controlled demolition on September 24.

The big bang will happen around 5 a.m. in an effort to minimize the effects on traffic in the area. (Though that may not help too much—DNA reports that Peter Rose, the captain of the NYPD’s 94th Precinct, said that traffic would be impacted “in a very negative way for a long period of time after.”) Streets around the bridge will, of course, be closed off for the duration of the event, but the Newtown Creek Alliance has a map of spots where curious onlookers could go to watch the (controlled) explosion.

The old bridge’s central span came down in July, but the demolition of the Queens and Brooklyn approaches was delayed; even the September 24 date is subject to change, depending on what happens with the weather and other factors that day. (Will urban explorers get up there for another party, though?)

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The new Kosciuszko Bridge debuted in April to a grand opening ceremony that included Governor Andrew Cuomo riding in on a 1932 Packard that was owned by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a marching band, parade, and evening light show. It is the city’s first new bridge in 53 years.