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Explore the evolution of the subway at the New York Transit Museum

Transit lovers won’t want to miss this

Whether you adore the city’s transit system or despise it, you almost have to agree that the New York Transit Museum is one of the coolest places around to get a comprehensive look at the system’s vast history.

Located in Downtown Brooklyn’s decommissioned Court Street subway station, the museum is home to a number of historical collections. The first level alone accommodates a series of turnstiles that show the evolution of the fare collecting system over time, an exhibition that illustrates the days when street cars and trolleys dominated the cityscape before being replaced by modern buses, and an educational space that gives insight into how transit officials prep for and respond to unexpected disasters.

Ask anyone who has been to the Transit Museum and they will likely tell you that the real star of the show is the lower level. Here you’ll find an impressive fleet of vintage subway cars, ranging from ones that date back to the early 20th century to the modern cars used today.

Each subway car is decked out with vintage seats and handle bars, along with replicated ads and posters of its time. What’s even better is that all of the cars are fully functional, with some making their rounds through the subway system during the holidays when the museum offers rides on a vintage train for just the swipe of a MetroCard.