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Met Museum’s mandatory admission for non-New Yorkers inspires new petition

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Asking the public to ease the museum’s financial burden is not the answer, says the petition

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A new petition is calling upon the Metropolitan Museum of Art to reverse its decision to charge out-of-state visitors a mandatory admission fee beginning March 1.

“The Met is a public good, housing historical and cultural artifacts that should be free for everyone to experience,” says the Care2 petition. “Please sign this petition urging the Met to reverse this classist and nativist policy and remain free for all.”

Amidst recent financial woes, the Met announced that the new policy, which has been in the works for a while, will officially go into effect, after obtaining approval from the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs. Residents of New York state, New Jersey, and Connecticut can continue to pay a suggested donation in the amount of their choice, however, all else must pay the mandatory admission fee.

At the time of publication, the petition had already managed to garner more than 9,400 signatures, putting it close to its goal of 10,000 signatures.

The museum has stated that the new policy is necessary for the Met to recover from declining revenue over the past few years, however, the petition is urging the museum to find another way.

“The Met has reportedly faced many financial struggles over the years—but asking the public to ease the burden is not the answer.”

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