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NYC Ferry rival drops suit alleging city sabotage

Freedom Cruises claimed Mayor de Blasio terminated their permits in favor of its competitor, Hornblower

After alleging that Mayor Bill de Blasio was responsible for shutting down their business in order to promote the city’s new ferry system, Freedom Cruises has decided to drop its lawsuit against the city.

The initial lawsuit claimed that city officials terminated permits held by Freedom Cruises to dock at Pier 36 and Atlantic Basin. They claim this was done in favor of rival company, Hornblower, the company that won the contract to operate the city’s new ferry service, reports the NY Daily News. However, the company withdrew the lawsuit after receiving invoices for docking permits for the month of January.

“They’re asking us to continue making payments and then calling us up and saying, ‘you can’t work there anymore,” said Freedom Cruises attorney Michael Hiller.

The city claims that permits were terminated due to “overly aggressive third-party ticket sellers” doing business at Battery Park and the Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal; not because it was trying to send business to the NYC Ferry. However, Freedom Cruises denies the accusations.

After receiving an invoice for the month of January, it is almost a certainty that more legal battles lie ahead.

This isn’t the only battle that’s brewing around the NYC Ferry. The owner of a Virginia-based company that provided much of the labor to construction the ferry vessels claims that the city owes him nearly $800,000 and hasn’t paid up.