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Hidden West Village rooftop cottage ensnarled in legal suit

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Owner David Puchkoff is suing the Department of Buildings

Image via Gothamist by George Steinmetz.

The owner of the country cottage that sits atop the West Village’s luxury condo at 719 Greenwich Street is suing the city’s Department of Buildings for asking him to take it down.

An anonymous complaint about work being carried without a permit lead agency inspectors to David Puchkoff’s, who designed and lives in the cottage, doorsteps, reports the NY Post. The inspector determined that the current certificate of occupancy doesn’t allow for the cabin nor its surrounding garden, issuing Puchkoff a $1,200 fine and requiring him to apply for a new certificate of occupancy.

Puchkoff developed 719 Greenwich Street and was inspired to construct the cottage after visiting a friend’s rural home in Elk Lake, Pennsylavnia. The city gave him the green light to construct the cottage back in 1999 and he states that all of the proper permits were filed when he built the home in 2003. He says that no major changes have been made in the years since.

“I haven’t done any other work in there except to water my garden, so who am I annoying?” Puchkoff told the Post.

He is suing the city to have the rooftop cottage declared legal.