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Big reveal: $1.295M for a 2BR garden duplex in Hell’s Kitchen

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Did you guess correctly?

Courtesy of Douglas Elliman

This week’s Pricespotter divided commenters into two teams: those who thought there was no way it was asking more than $1 million, and those who would “give it $1.25M all day long,” as commenter iluvnyc wrote.

When it comes to asking price, the commenters who said they thought the place was asking over $1 million reigned supreme. This duplex with a spacious backyard is on the market for $1.295 million, and while no one hit the nail on the head, commenters yingei and Eulipian came the closest with their guesses of $1.3 million.

A refresher on the apartment: There’s a small but updated open kitchen with a Sub-Zero refrigerator and a KitchenAid range and dishwasher, and an adjacent built-in dining nook. A small bedroom shares a wall with the living room and comes with a lofted sleeping nook and also overlooks the 500-square-foot back patio. The owners are using the subterranean floor as an additional bedroom. One last look, below.