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Congestion pricing plan could lead to random tolls throughout Manhattan

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FixNYC is looking into creating “zones” where tolls can be put in place

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Tolls could soon be making their way to a block near you. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Monday that the state has the ability to place tolling systems anywhere in the city and as part of his congestion pricing plan, it could very well happen, reports the NY Post.

FixNYC, the panel created by Governor Cuomo to study congestion pricing, is working on carving out a zone in Manhattan where drivers will be charged, instead of placing additional tolls on bridges into Manhattan.

“Really what you want to do is keep people out of the highly congested areas at the time of the highest congestion, and now we have the capacity to put up tolling machines on any corner, any block, to operate at any time, said Cuomo.

The FixNYC committee hasn’t determined what areas will be defined as zones just yet, but advocates are calling for tolls below 60th Street.

The funds raised from congestion pricing will be used to fund repairs for the ailing subway subway, however, Mayor Bill de Blasio continues to oppose congestion pricing and is advocating for a millionaires tax.