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In Greenpoint, 140 affordable apartments up for grabs from $613/month

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The apartments are a mix of studios, one-, and two-bedrooms

Max Touhey

The housing lottery is now open for the 140 affordable apartments of Greenpoint’s 40-story condo and rental development, creatively named The Greenpoint. Sorry, those apartments won’t be found in the building’s tower, where views of Manhattan and Brooklyn stun. Instead, they’ll be in the portion of the development off of the waterfront.

As for the lottery, there are two income earning brackets in which hopeful candidates can try their luck. For those earning 40 percent of the area median income (AMI), or anywhere between $22,903 and $38,160, there are seven studios, seven one-bedrooms, and 14 two-bedrooms renting from $613 to $804 per month. Under the 60 percent AMI, there are 28 studios, 28 one-bedrooms, and 56 two-bedrooms with rents ranging between $928 and $1,230 a month.

Residents of the development’s affordable apartments will have access to a community room, an interior courtyard, and several laundry rooms. The Housing Connect listing for the lottery, however, makes no mention of the development’s 30,000-square-feet of amenities that are available to market rate tenants.

The deadline to apply is March 19.