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$60M buyer of two 432 Park Avenue penthouses revealed

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The buyer plans on merging the units to create a full-floor apartment

Update, 4/3/18: The buyer of the two 91st-floor penthouses at 432 Park Avenue has been outed. According to the Wall Street Journal, Caryl Englander, the wife of billionaire hedge-funder Israel Englander, is responsible for the $60 million purchase (h/t The Real Deal). Englander is planning to merge the two units back into a full-floor residence (they were once marketed as such but split as a result of the luxury market slowdown).

The Englander’s are no stranger to pricey New York City real estate. Back in 2014, Israel Englander set a price record for the priciest Manhattan co-op sold at the time when he purchased a duplex at 740 Park Avenue for $71 million— a whopping $22 million more than it was asking.

Update, 1/5/17: Well, that was fast: The sale for these two penthouses at 432 Park Avenue has officially closed—and for far less than the units could have potentially fetched. Per city records, PHs 91A and 91B sold to the same buyer, shielded behind a LLC, for just $60 million. That’s quite a discount from the $80 million that the two units could have gone for, given their respective $40.25 and $39.75 million price tags; but it’s still no small potatoes.

The last months of 2017 saw a flurry of activity at 432 Park Avenue: According to Donna Olshan’s luxury real estate report, a whopping eight apartments at the skinny supertall went into contract during that time, including a three-apartment combo unit that ended up being the priciest sold home of 2017.

Two of those apartments gracefully exited the market at the tail end of December, going into contract on the same day. One of the apartments, PH91A, was listed at $40.25 million; the other, PH91B, was going for $39.75 million. Both had been on the market for years before the right buyer finally came along.

And yep, that’s buyer, singular: Per Olshan’s report, the adjacent penthouses sold to the same buyer—which means another multi-million-dollar combo unit is likely in the works. Both apartments have three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms; the south-facing unit (in the B line) is slightly larger, at 3,977 square feet, but otherwise the two have near-identical floorplans that will fit together easily, like a puzzle piece.

There are still a good amount of apartments up for grabs within the skyscraper, including two überpricey pads: a crowning 95th-floor penthouse, going for $82 million, and a 71st-floor combo that’s currently asking $68.5 million.

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