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Cuomo expected to throw his support behind congestion pricing this week

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The governor may offer up new details on the plan at his state of the state address on Wednesday

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Governor Andrew Cuomo is set to offer up more details on his congestion pricing plan at his state of the state address on Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reports. Though the plan is divisive, the governor contends that congestion pricing will help fund the city’s ailing subway system, and help stabilize the ongoing crisis.

A report released last week revealed that ride-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber were largely responsible for the increase in traffic congestion in the city in the last few years, and Cuomo’s plan will consider adding a surcharge on these services, funds from which will directly go toward subway improvements.

Though several options are being considered by the Governor’s office, one proposal that will likely emerge on top is a fee on vehicles entering Manhattan’s business district south of 60th Street. Those in favor of congestion pricing say that such a proposal could generate $1 billion in funds for the subway, annually, according to the Wall Street Journal.

NYC’s Mayor, Bill de Blasio, continues to oppose congestion pricing, and a spokesperson for him reiterated to the Wall Street Journal that the plan would unfairly burden the city’s working and middle-class people.

Stay tuned on Wednesday for more details on the governor’s congestion pricing plan, though full details may still not be released till the end of this year, signaling a slow and contested approval process for this plan.