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The Curbed Cup 2017 winner is… Astoria!

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It’s the first time the Queens neighborhood has made it to the Curbed Cup finals

Max Touhey

The people have spoken: Astoria is the winner of the 2017 Curbed Cup! The Queens neighborhood pummeled Yorkville in the final round, taking a whopping 60 percent of the final vote.

Some fun facts: This is one of only a handful of times that Astoria has even been included in the Curbed Cup; thank its busier-than-normal 2017, which saw condos launch, megaprojects revived, and ferries arriving in the neighborhood.

It’s also only the second time that a Queens neighborhood has gone all the way; the last time that happened was a literal decade ago, when Long Island City won the 2007 Curbed Cup. (Time flies!)

So congratulations, Astoria; you managed to claw your way up from the 10th seed, past heavy-hitters like Hudson Yards and Yorkville, to claim the honor of being New York’s neighborhood of the year. After years of real estate prognosticators saying that Astoria would be the Next Big Thing in New York real estate, this could finally—finally!—be the tipping point. (Or not—this is just a fun competition, after all. But hey, you never know.)

The final bracket is below; now, let’s all raise a glass to Queens!