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Cuomo proposes subway extension from Lower Manhattan to Red Hook

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The governor will offer up more details on this proposal at his state of the state speech

Max Touhey

Governor Andrew Cuomo is hoping to bring major changes to Red Hook, just one of the proposals he will talk about in his 2018 state of the state address. The changes he wants to bring about focus on extending a subway line to Red Hook, and opening up more of its waterfront for community activities.

Cuomo will ask the MTA to study the potential of extending subway service from Lower Manhattan to Red Hook via a new underwater tunnel. While this proposal is still in the very early stages, it comes in the midst of a subway crisis for the city—the MTA has proposed a $836 million to fix the ailing system.

Separately, Cuomo is calling on the Port Authority to relocate maritime operations from the Red Hook Container Terminal to the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal in Sunset Park. This would potentially consolidate shipping activities in South Brooklyn, and free up waterfront space in Red Hook.

Once these studies have been completed, the governor will call on these agencies to launch a community review process for the projects. We will be sure to update this post following the Governor’s state of the state speech.