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Bureau Spectacular reimagines a dated co-op in one of Manhattan’s Brutalist icons

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The LA-based architects updated a drab midcentury apartment in the concrete towers

New York doesn’t have a ton of Brutalist buildings—Marcel Breuer’s Begrisch Hall at Bronx Community College comes to mind, as does John Carl Warnecke’s stark Long Lines Building in lower Manhattan—and fewer still that were designed for residential use.

One of those concrete complexes, Chatham Towers in lower Manhattan, dates back to the early 1960s, and is described by Docomomo_US as a “formally powerful and technically adventuresome project that attempted to raise the baseline for middle-class living.” Apartments there don’t come to the market too often, and when they do, they tend to have uninspiring interiors—a byproduct of being nearly 50 years old.

Not so with this particular unit, on the market with Cicada for $1.35 million: The brokerage partnered with LA architecture firm Bureau Spectacular to reimagine the 1,350-square-foot space, which was created by combining a studio and a one-bedroom. There are no images, alas (if you want to see old photos, click here), but renderings offer a peek at what the firm is doing with the space:

It could be configured as a two- or three-bedroom, and the interiors will be totally updated—think custom cherry cabinetry in the kitchen, marble floors, and other luxe finishes. An “optional furniture package” is part of the deal, too.

If you’ve ever wanted to live in a Brutalist icon, but with all mod cons, this could be your chance—provided you have $1.35 million (plus $2,211 for monthly maintenance) to spend.

Here’s the current floor plan:

And alternate plans by Bureau Spectacular: