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Two Clinton Hill carriage houses turned minimalist dream homes are up for grabs

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There’s so much to love in this stunning transformation of late 19th century carriage houses in Brooklyn

Via Compass

Two stunning carriage houses in Clinton Hill that have been transformed into minimalist dream homes are now on the market for $3.35 million and $3.4 million, respectively.

Located near the corner of Vanderbilt and Greene Avenues, the carriage houses were built toward the end of the 19th century, and housed the horses and coachmen for an estate on Clinton Avenue. The carriages houses, which 6sqft first reported on, have now both been transformed into four-bedroom homes by the Brooklyn Home Company.

Though both homes are nearly identical in their reimagining, the house at 409 Vanderbilt is just a little bit wider than the one next door. However the owner of 411 Vanderbilt will have access to a gated driveway, which 409 does not.

Both houses open up into a spacious living room which features nearly 11-foot-tall ceilings, and remnants of the archways through which the horses entered the carriage house (they now serve as windows).

The kitchens, located toward the rear of the house, have both been fitted with swanky appliances from the likes of Viking, Bosch, and Sub-Zero, and feature exposed beams as a nod to the past. Both kitchens also offer access to a backyard.

Bedrooms in both houses are located on the second and third floors. Three bedrooms take up the second floor, and one bedroom is located on top, which according to the brokerbabble, can easily be used as an entertainment rooms—they also have lovely skylights.

Some other nice features include the gas fireplaces in the living rooms, radiant heated floors, and pre-installed security systems.

Listings: 409 & 411 Vanderbilt Avenue [Compass]