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For $1.45M, a revamped condo within a historic Clinton Hill mansion

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The house at 315 Clinton Avenue was once the home of a Brooklyn coffee magnate

There’s no shortage of glorious old mansions in Clinton Hill, including one that was home to several New York City mayors, and one that has a rather spooky past.

The home at 315 Clinton Avenue isn’t quite in that league—it was built by architect Montrose Morris in 1888, and was occupied by John Arbuckle, a 19th-century coffee magnate—but it’s impressive nevertheless. The semi-detached home was designed in the Romanesque Revival style, with plenty of ornate exterior details.

At some point, the building was converted from a single-family home into condos, and one of those—a first-floor, three-bedroom unit—is now on the market, with a $1.45 million price tag. The interiors of the place don’t quite match the quirky exterior, but the listing still boasts that it’s a “super unique home with loads of character and spaces for every activity you can imagine.”

That character includes some vintage details, including wainscoting and the original windows; but on the whole, the place has been given a clean revamp, with three bedrooms, a kitchen with new appliances, central air, and more.

Still, it’s hard to beat the curb appeal here—and there’s a shared outdoor space to boot. Maintenance and taxes come to $1,293/month.

The new listing doesn’t have a floorplan, alas, but here’s an old one: