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For $2,500/month, a prime East Village studio with tons of character

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There’s a lot to like here

According to the latest rental market report from MNS, which tracks such things thoroughly, the average rent for a Manhattan studio was hovering at about $2,500 at the end of 2017. For an idea of what that looks like, take a peek at this cute East Village apartment, which is renting for an even $2,500/month.

Though the apartment is basically one long rectangle (there’s no floorplan with the listing), there’s a lot to like here. Exposed brick and beamed ceilings add character, while the modern kitchen comes with plenty of storage space, and enough room for a small dining room table. (There doesn’t appear to be a ton of room for a bed, but the listing notes that it comes with a Murphy bed “for optimal use of the space.”)

And unlike other East Village rentals we’ve seen, this place has a separate bathroom (not huge, but still); there’s also access to a shared courtyard and a roof deck. As for location, it’s on East 3rd Street between First and Second avenues, which is pretty hard to beat.