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Big reveal: $736K for a spacious Brooklyn Heights 1BR co-op

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Did you guess correctly?

Douglas Elliman.

The asking price for this week’s Pricespotter apartment— “jumbo sized one bedroom” in Brooklyn Heights— is $736,000. Among the many comments, no one managed to guess that exact amount, however, a few folks came within close range: NYCsince1983 was the closest with a guess of $725,000 and omarrr was a close second with a guess of $750,000.

Several folks took issue with the fact that the front door opens up into the kitchen area. “Come on in! Just walk around this idiotic kitchen island,” joked stache (the “island” is actually a wall). A few others didn’t mind the wonky layout and appreciated other features that the spaces offers. “This place is quite nice with the updated kitchen, windowed dining area, windowed bathroom and master bathroom with two windows,” said Views4Days.

So now that you know the price, do you think it is justified or way too high? Here’s another look at the floorplan: