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JFK Airport’s luxury pet terminal is on the verge of closing

Owners of the Ark are suing Port Authority for allegedly sending customers to another facility

The ARK at JFK/ Photo Credit:

Owners of John F. Kennedy Airport’s luxury pet terminal, the Ark, have filed a lawsuit against its landlord, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

In the suit, owners allege that the Ark is in “imminent danger of shutting down” and has only managed to generate around $450,000 in revenue since its opening in February 2017, reports Crain’s. They claim that the reason why earnings are more than 90 percent below projections is because the Port Authority has been directing animal passengers to its facility in Newburgh instead of honoring a deal that granted the Ark exclusive rights to provide shelter to all pets, livestock, and birds entering or leaving JFK.

An animal-transport executive, who spoke on the basis on anonymity, told Crain’s that Newburgh is “a lot more convenient than JFK” for those who live out of state and for many people who don’t want to deal with New York City traffic.

Developer John Cuticelli of Racebrook Capital holds a 27-year lease with the Port Authority and will pay $138 million in rent over the duration of the lease to keep the Ark in place.