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Upper West Side condo looking to dump Trump name threatened with lawsuit

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The condo board at 200 Riverside Boulevard has been looking to distance itself from the Trump brand for a while now

Via Kate Leonova/PropertyShark

An Upper West Side condo building may be slapped with a lawsuit for trying to rid itself of the Trump name, the New York Post reports. The condo board at 200 Riverside Boulevard has been trying to rid the building of the Trump name for quite some time now, but the threat of the lawsuit became public when a subcommittee for the condo board submitted papers to the Manhattan Supreme Court, to clarify if it could drop the name.

The building would follow in the steps of condo buildings at 140, 160, and 180 Boulevard, which all removed the Trump name last year, shortly after Donald Trump was elected president. At those buildings, residents voted overwhelmingly to remove the name, according to the Post.

That might not be the case at 200 Riverside Boulevard, where many residents are alarmed by the proposed change, a lawyer for Trump International Realty stated, in the information that was just revealed through court documents. This same lawyer threatened the building’s board with legal action if it doesn’t stop name removal discussion on the grounds that the building has a 20-year licensing agreement with Trump International Realty.

Recently, Trump Soho officially rebranded itself as the Dominick Hotel.

200 Riverside Boulevard

200 Riverside Boulevard, New York, NY