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NYC renters made 22,000 heat and hot water complaints during arctic blast

Both renters in some of the city’s private buildings and renters within NYCHA buildings faced uncomfortable conditions last week

The city was hit with nearly 22,000 heat and hot water complaints during last week’s brutal arctic chill, where temperatures hovered between the low teens and single digits, bringing a “bomb cyclone” snow storm and sub-zero true feel temperatures along with it.

According to the New York Daily News, there were 21,984 heat complaints between December 27 and January 3, though the final number of total complaints hasn’t been tallied up yet. A large portion of complaints came from residents of New York City Housing Authority apartments, where many buildings lost heat as a result of busted boilers.

Residents of some private buildings weren’t exempt from the unfortunate experience of shivering through the cold, with several detailing their own plights to the Daily News.

While temperatures aren’t expected to be anywhere near as brutal as they were last week, it’ll still be cold. So as a reminder, if you ever find yourself without heat or hot water in your apartment, we have it all lined out here out what you can do to get things up and running again.