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Historic Prospect Lefferts Gardens townhouse with modern makeover returns for $3.5M

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The home is asking slightly less than it was in November


The show-stopping Prospect Lefferts Gardens home at 63 Maple Street has returned with a slight price chop. The historic townhouse made its way to the market back in November of last year with a hefty $3.6 million dollars. The home is still pricey, shaving just $100,000 off its asking price, but perhaps an even $3.5 million will manage to attract the right wealthy buyer.

The four-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom is no less stunning from when we last covered it— its stained glass windows, dramatic staircase, chevron-laid wood floors, and decorative fireplaces are all still in tact. There appears to be a few new listing photos that give an even closer look at what the 5,000-square-foot space entails, zooming in on the contemporary finishes found in the kitchen and bathrooms.

The home has come quite a long way from what it once looked like. Less than a year ago, the home was complete with wall-to-wall carpeting in the living, printed wallpaper in the foyer, and it had an adorably nostalgic kitchen.

Let’s see if this one manages to sell at its lower price or if a few more price chops are in its future.