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NYC braces for mix of snow, freezing rain during evening rush hour

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New Yorkers have only just about gotten over the the “bomb cyclone” from last week, but they will have to prepare for more bad weather during the rush hour commute this evening. The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for New York, which will remain in effect until 7pm tonight.

The city estimates that a brief period of freezing rain this afternoon will be followed by sleet and snow (it has already started snowing in some parts of the city). The city’s Office of Emergency Management has asked commuters to remain alert during the evening commute owing to the poor conditions.

“Sleet and freezing rain can cause slippery roads and make travel difficult during tonight’s evening commute,” said Joseph Esposito, the agency’s commission, in a statement. “Give yourself some extra travel time and use caution while driving.”

The city is particularly warning commuters about the development of black ice; At present, there is good service on all subway lines, but that could change very quickly as more commuters make their way home from work.