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MTA rolls out new electric buses for 3-year pilot program

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The new buses will help reduce emissions and modernize the agency’s fleet


The MTA is gearing up to modernize its bus fleet and has launched a three-year pilot to test out 10 all-electric buses that not only reduce emissions, but also enhance customer experience by offering modern conveniences like Wi-Fi and USB ports.

Following the successful completion of a four-year study of global best practices for electric buses, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the MTA will test out 10 zero-emission buses and possibly order 60 more, given all goes well with the pilot program. (h/t Untapped Cities).

“This new program helps the MTA secure a cleaner and greener future while leveraging the latest in innovative enhancements to push New York’s transit systems into the future,” said Governor Cuomo in a press release.

The MTA commissioned two vendors to manufacture the new buses: Proterra will provide five buses that will operate on the B32 route in Brooklyn and Queens while New Flyer will provide five that will run along the M42 and M50 routes in Midtown.

As part of the pilot program, both vendors will have to install new charging stations at various bus depots. New Flyer will install two within Manhattan’s Michael J. Quill bus depot and Proterra will provide six between Manhattan and Brooklyn depots.

Additionally, the MTA has ordered 110 new Compress Natural Gas buses to replace older buses that operate in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

Data collected during the pilot will be passed along from the MTA to electric bus manufacturers to determine what will work best for the city.