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Upper East Side townhouse full of irreplaceable art seeks $24M

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The townhouse first hit the market in 2014 seeking $27M


The zhuzhed up Upper East Side townhouse at 132 East 62nd Street is back on the market, looking for a buyer who’s willing to plunk down $24 million on the 15-room spread.

The townhouse has been on and off the market since March 2014, when it was listed for $27 million following a three-year renovation led by the home’s current owner, an “accomplished designer” based in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The deal’s still the same, though the price tag’s been chipped away at over the years: All of its furnishings, including artworks by the likes of Andy Warhol, Anish Kapoor, and Roy Lichtenstein and books signed by authors including William Faulkner and Joan Didion are included in the deal. In addition to the sale listing with Sotheby’s, the townhouse is also available as a $75,000/month rental.

The house’s bevy of irreplaceable goods up for grabs also includes an oil painting by Frank Sinatra. Any takers?