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Big reveal: $735K for a Greenwich Village co-op that spans three levels

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Did you guess the correct asking price?


The asking price of this week’s Pricespotter apartment—a one-bedroom co-op in Greenwich Village that spans three levels—is $735,000. No one guessed that amount, however, coleco was the closest to it with a guess of $733,733.

As for the layout, some folks liked it while others, not so much. “This is an awful layout with the bedroom being on a higher floor than the bathroom. The kitchen is outdated too,” said Views4Days, while NYCsince1983 found the space to be “cute and quirky.” Trilby16 found a silver lining within the layout, stating, “I don’t hate stairs. They give this place an airy feel and if you live with someone, you can get away from them when you want to.”

Many folks anticipated that the apartment would ask upwards of seven figures, given its Greenwich Village location. However, Conformist made a good point: “[T]his part of the central Village (close to the N/R) is less expensive than points west,” before guessing that its asking price was $739,000. The apartment is located on East 12th Street between Broadway and University Place.

So, is the price warranted? Here’s another look at the floorplan: