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NYC implements anti-tenant harassment pilot program

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More than 1,000 buildings in New York will be subject to the program


The de Blasio administration has announced the implementation of the Certification of No Harassment (CONH) Pilot Program, a new law that requires landlords to meet certain certifications that ensure no harassment has taken place, before they can obtain construction permits to make major alterations.

The legislation was introduced last year and received approval from City Council in November. In addition to the implementation, the city has also published a list of more than 1,000 buildings, with roughly 26,000 apartments, that will be subject to the pilot program.

“New York City is stopping tenant harassment in its tracks,” said Mayor de Blasio in a press statement. “We are taking a proactive approach to enforcement and targeting at-risk buildings for increased scrutiny in order to protect affordability across the city.”

The buildings are primarily located in neighboring considered vulnerable, ones that were recently rezoned, or are slated for rezoning in the near future. The purpose of the law and the pilot is to ensure that property owners don’t harass its lawful tenants into leaving their homes. If the Housing Litigation Division (HLD) feels the need to investigate, they will do so, and if it is determined that harassment has occurred, the property owner could be denied from obtaining any permit to alter or demolish the building for a specified number of years.