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Williamsburg’s pile of concrete blocks looks exactly like its renderings

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The eight-story condo at 88 Withers Street is now complete

Via Corcoran

It was only a year ago that developer Rybak Development debuted a quirky design for a condo building across from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Williamsburg. Those who looked at the design then, may scarcely have believed that it would come to fruition so soon. Much to our surprise, the building looks identical to its renderings.

The architect on the project, Zproekt Architecture, designed a cast-in place concrete facade for the protruding structure. The material is more resistant to wear and tear, and is better suited for temperature and noise insulation. The triple-glazed, laminated glass windows further add to the noise mitigation features of the building.

The eight-story structure, which is called Element88, and is located at 88 Withers Street, features a total of 33 apartments. The building launched sales earlier this year with apartments asking from $795K. Many of the condos here are already in contract, and of the ones available, prices range from the above-mentioned figure to $1.873 million.

Here are more looks at the unique exterior of the building: