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Revamp of Fort Greene’s BAM Park is finally underway

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The redesigned park will be more accessible to the public and will feature new walkways and seating

Renderings courtesy Downtown Brooklyn Partnership

Fort Greene’s BAM Park has been closed for more than a decade, with “unstable ground” keeping the public from getting inside (save for a brief period over the summer for a film shoot). The triangular park—bordered by Fulton Street, Lafayette Street, and St. Felix Street—has been awaiting a full revamp, and now, it’s finally happening.

The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership announced today that work is officially underway on the park’s $3.2 million revamp. Back in 2014, the city issued a request for proposals to redesign the roughly 10,000-square-foot park and eventually selected landscape architect Quennell Rothschild & Partners.

The redesigned park will include new plantings, seating areas, and pathways, while preserving the trees that already exist (although five will be removed to allow for more sunlight). To improve accessibility and better integrate into the streetscape, the big fence that currently surrounds the park will be removed; its gazebo will also have to be removed for structural concerns. There will also be a raised concrete deck that will create additional seating.

“We are thrilled to get work started on the revitalization of BAM Park, which has been shuttered to the public for decades,” said Downtown Brooklyn Partnership president Regina Myer. “This project will deliver much-needed green space for residents, workers and visitors in Downtown Brooklyn as it develops into a true mixed-use neighborhood.”

Funding for the project has been divided between the city and state: The former has provided $1.1 million in funding and the latter has provided an additional $2.1 million. It’s expected to reopen to the public as early as next spring.