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Upper West Side’s Trump Place will become 200 Riverside Boulevard

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The condo owners at the building have been fighting for the name removal for quite some time now

Via Google Maps

The building at 200 Riverside Boulevard, on the Upper West Side, will see the sign, “Trump Place,” come off its front facade later today. The New York Times first learned of this development, which follows a favorable court ruling for the residents of the building, from earlier this year.

In May, a Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled that the residents of the condo building were within their rights to remove the name from the building as long as they had a majority approval (more than 66 percent) from the residents of the building. Following that ruling, residents at the condo formally voted to remove the lettering, and it’s finally coming down today.

Thursday’s action is the culmination of a long-drawn battle between the condo board at 200 Riverside Boulevard and the Trump Organization. The latter had threatened legal retribution against the building if it tried to remove the Trump name. However, the Trump Organization does not own the building, it only manages it, and the name up front is part of a licensing agreement that doesn’t net the real estate firm any money.

200 Riverside Boulevard now follows its neighbors at 140, 160, and 180 Riverside Boulevard, all of which voted to remove the Trump name last year. Further south in the city, Trump Soho rebranded itself as the Dominick Hotel.