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Trader Joe’s will make its Essex Crossing debut this week

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The 30,000-square-foot store will open its doors on Friday

After two years in the making, Trader Joe’s will debut its newest New York City location—a 30,000-square-foot outpost at the Lower East Side megaproject, Essex Crossing.

In 2016, the company finally confirmed rumors that a store was headed to the Lower East Side. The store occupies the base the Rollins, the 15-story rental designed by Beyer Blinder Belle that’s located at 145 Clinton Street. The building is also home to a Target outpost that encompasses 22,500 square feet of commercial space and made its debut earlier this year.

The store will be the company’s largest location on the East Coast and will host a ceremonial lei-cutting at 7:55 a.m. on Friday, October 19, before opening its doors to the public, reports Bowery Boogie. The store will keep the celebration going throughout the day, offering food tastings, live music, and giveaways.

Essex Crossing has been making swift progress and by the end of this year, nearly all of phase one will be complete. For a full rundown on what has taken shape, head here.