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Domino’s second residential building unveils new looks

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The 42-story structure at 260 Kent Avenue will have 330 apartments, 66 of which will be below market-rate rentals


Williamsburg’s Domino megaproject has been steadily making progress along the waterfront, and now just a few months after the opening of Domino Park, developer Two Trees has unveiled new renderings for the residential development at 260 Kent Avenue, now known as 1 South First.

This tower will be the second of four residential projects to rise at the Brooklyn megadevelopment. The first, 325 Kent, wrapped construction earlier this, and has a total of 522 apartments.

Meanwhile, construction work has been making progress at 1 South First as well. Photos captured by YIMBY, that were published earlier today, reveal the development is several stories above ground. Eventually this building will have 42 stories with 330 rentals, and 66 of these rentals will be below market-rate. Aside from the residential component, the building will also have 150,000 square feet of office space and 15,000 square feet of retail. Some of that latter square footage will be taken up by the Bushwick pizza mainstay, Roberta’s.

The development will be comprised of two interlocking towers with an all-white precast concrete facade. The project was designed by COOKFOX Architects and is meant to evoke the molecular form of a sugar crystal—the site was previously home a Domino sugar manufacturing facility.

The remains of the refinery building at the Domino site are currently being transformed into a 380,000-square-foot office building from a Practice for Architecture and Urbanism design. In all, the Domino megaproject will be home to 2,800 apartments (700 affordable units) spread out over four buildings, 600,000 square feet of commercial office space, and 200,000 square feet of retail.