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Historic Boerum Hill carriage house with contemporary interiors seeks $1.7M

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The onetime carriage house has gotten a modern revamp

Courtesy of Corcoran

A renovated carriage house that’s part of the newly extended Boerum Hill Historic District is now on the market for $1.7 million, and its historic exterior—red brick, with wide, dark wood doors—belies a thoroughly modern, airy renovation inside.

The home at 139 Bond Street, between Dean and Bergen Streets, is part of the original historic district that was created in 1973, although the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s designation does not give any details about the building itself. But at some point, it was turned into a low-slung, single-family home with two bedrooms and a roof terrace over three levels.

Carriage houses aren’t large, of course, which meant the owners of this particular space had to get creative with their design. The layout is very open, with stairs connecting three levels and the roof; a master suite is on below grade; the kitchen sits at ground level; a living room is a half-level above that; and a second bedroom is on the top floor, which leads to the roof.

The interiors are quite minimalist: Nearly is whitewashed and outfitted in blonde wood, aside from the walls of the master bedroom, which appear to be the home’s original stone. There’s also a big skylight that lets light into the space.