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Big reveal: $550K for a bright Kensington 2BR with a cozy terrace

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Did you guess the right price?

Douglas Elliman

This week’s Pricespotter apartment—a two-bedroom co-op in Brooklyn’s Kensington neighborhood—is asking $550,000. Many guesses came close, but ultimately it was Views4Days who hit the bull’s eye.

When it comes to the apartment, some folks loved it while others didn’t. The location was also not ideal for most, however, there were a few that didn’t mind. “It’s a nice place, although calling it a 2BR is generous. More like one enormous bedroom and one not-really-a-bedroom,” said Conformist. On the contrary, Adrastos C wasn’t the least bit impressed with any aspects of the space or the neighborhood, stating “I don’t know much about Kensington, just that I wouldn’t live there” (ouch).

Virtually everyone agreed that the second room is too small to qualify as a true bedroom and the kitchen could’ve been given a better layout (the refrigerator is strangely isolated from everything else).

The apartment is in a building that is located on Ocean Parkway between Avenue C and Cortelyou Road and the nearest subway stations are the G line’s Church Avenue station and the F line’s Ditmas Avenue station.

So, it was worth its $550,000 asking price? Here’s another look at the floorplan: