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Site near Barclays Center will become 810-unit rental tower

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The developer has decided to ditch plans for a rental/condo mix and will go all rental

Greenland Forest City Partners

Developer Greenland USA is shifting its plans to transform the site at 18 Sixth Avenue, part of the Pacific Park megadevelopment, into a residential building with both rentals and condos. Instead of 764 apartments, of which 551 were set to be rentals and 213 were slated to become condos, the building will now be comprised entirely of rentals, reports The Real Deal.

Earlier this year, Greenland USA announced that it had ditched plans to use the Barclays Center-adjacent site, known as B4, for new office space, opting to stick to residential development, given Brooklyn’s less than enthusiastic market for office space. Per TRD, the developer filed plans for an 810-unit building on Saturday, which is set to also include 52,000 square feet of commercial space. Perkins Eastman has been tapped to design the new building, and it will be tallest within the Pacific Park development, once complete.

In September, Greenland USA announced a partnership with TF Cornerstone and the Brodsky Organization to develop three sites within Pacific Park. Those sites are 615 and 595 Dean streets (parcels B12 and B13), to be developed by TF Cornerstone), and 664 Pacific Street (parcel B15) which will be developed by Brodsky. Each of those buildings are expected to become rental towers and the partnership will help meet the state’s 2025 deadline to construct 2,250 units of affordable housing.