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Long Island City’s 5 Pointz-replacing rental gets its facade

The development is on track to debut sometime in 2019

Photos by Andrew Campbell Nelson, Courtesy New York YIMBY

While litigation between graffiti artists and developer Jerry Wolkoff, surrounding the 2013 whitewashing of the 5 Pointz site, continues, the HTO Architects-designed rental towers that have replaced the erstwhile graffiti mecca are edging closer toward completion, reports New York YIMBY.

When we last checked in on construction September 2017, both buildings were nearing their full heights. In the months since, both have topped out and facade installation is making swift progress. A new set of photos from New York YIMBY show that facade installation appears to be wrapping up on the taller tower, with the shorter building trailing right behind.

The development is comprised of two rentals, one rising 48 stories and the other standing 41 stories tall. Together, the two buildings will bring 1,115 rentals to the site (of which 223 will be offered as affordable housing), along with interiors designed by Mojo Stumer Associates that hark back to 5 Pointz’s legacy. There will also be 40,000 square feet of commercial space, 20 studios for artists, and parking spaces.

G&M Realty is developing the site and the buildings are expected to debut some time in 2019.