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Big reveal: $849K for a revamped Greenwich Village studio with custom finishes

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Did you guess correctly?


This week’s Pricespotter apartment—a renovated studio in Greenwich Village—is going for $849,000. No one managed to guess the precise amount, however, safra was the closest with a guess of $825,000.

The apartment is situated on the fourth floor of a ten-story building is and located on West 12th Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenue. NYCsince1983 accurately guessed that the abode is just a short walk away from the 14th Street subway station where you can catch the F, M, and L trains.

Overall, the comments on the apartment’s layout were incredibly positive, with a few suggestions for some optimization. “Everyone always complains about renovations, but this is what you get when done right: high end finishes, fully maximized space with great flow, and most likely a healthy profit,” said safra. Though omarrr would have liked to see the dressing room made a little larger so that it could function as a sleeping area, they do admit that the renovation was done nicely.

Now that we’ve revealed the price, what are your thoughts? here’s another look at the place: