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Open thread: How do you feel about Amazon’s move to NYC?

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HQ2 is coming to Long Island City—how do you think it will affect you?

Illustration by Alyssa Nassner

In case you haven’t heard—though if you read Curbed NY regularly, that’s highly unlikely—Amazon announced this week that it would split its much-hyped second North American headquarters between two locations: Crystal City, a neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia; and Long Island City, right here in Queens.

Amazon’s smaller HQ2 will still drastically change Long Island City: The company is expected to have 25,000 employees on site, and will build a campus of at least 4 million square feet on the East River waterfront to accommodate them.

But the deal came as a shock to many city and state lawmakers—it was hammered out largely by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Amazon execs—who are also reeling from the lack of input they’ll seemingly have over the deal before it’s finalized. Others are worried about Amazon’s effect on the real estate market in Queens, the subsidies being given to the company (to the tune of nearly $3 billion), and the potential exacerbation of the city’s inequality issues.

And it’s only been four days since the announcement was made—expect more issues brought to the fore in the coming months. But with all that in mind, we want to know: How do you, Curbed readers, feel about the Amazon deal? Do you love it? Are you planning to cancel your Prime account in protest? Are you enraged by the fact that Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio can work together on this, but not on fixing the subways? Chime in below.