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NYC gives dockless bike share pilot a 90-day extension

The city needs more time for “further evaluation” of dockless bikes


The city has decided to extended its dockless bike-share pilot another 90 days to allow for more time for more evaluation, reports Crain’s.

The pilot launched back in July with Lime operating in the Rockaways (Pace dropped out of the pilot program in September) and in Staten Island; Jump in the Bronx and Staten Island; and Motivate—which operates Citi Bike— in the Bronx. Since each of the pilots started at varying times, the extension will be put into effect in accordance with the end date of the respective pilots.

Per Crain’s, the pilot could also help the city determine if it will allow shared electric scooters in New York City, where it’s currently illegal. Some local officials have been advocating for e-scooters, while skeptics argue that it could come to dominate the micro-mobility movement in the city.

During the duration of the dockless bike-share pilot, Lime has served 70,000 rides, Jump has counted 35,000, and Citi Bike has provided 1,000 rides. Citi Bike’s parent company, Motivate, was recently acquired by Lyft and is hoping to expand its territory for both its dockless and docked bikes.