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City unveils more rules aimed at regulating Airbnb activity

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Under a new set of proposed rules, sites like Airbnb would be required to submit monthly reports to the city

On Monday, the de Blasio administration released a series of proposed new statues that aims to further regulate Airbnb activity in the city.

According to Crain’s, the new rules propose forcing short-term listing sites like Airbnb to disclose the identities of hosts, as well as the types of listings they offering. Airbnb and similar sites would be required to submit reports on a monthly basis to the Office of Special Enforcement that reveal personal information, amount of money generated through listings, and whether hosts offered entire apartments or just rooms and for how long.

“This law provides the city with the critical information it needs to preserve our housing stock, keep visitors safe, and ensure residents feel secure in their homes and neighborhoods,” said Christian Klossner, executive director of the Office of Special Enforcement, in a statement.

The new rules would be an addition to legislation passed by City Council in July, requiring New York City hosts to register information with the Office of Special Enforcement. The city has been cracking down on illegal short-term listings and most recently issued violations to 20 different apartment owners at a luxury condo tower in Midtown.

The city will host a public hearing on the proposed rules on December 18.