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New looks inside Studio Gang’s ‘Solar Carve’ on the High Line

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New looks at the office building whose design is inspired by the sun

Renderings by Visualhouse

Studio Gang’s office building at 40 Tenth Avenue has been in the works for more than six years, but it’s only now starting to make a dent on the west side skyline.

The High Line-hugging building topped out earlier this year, with installation of its curtain wall—the thing that gave it the “solar carve” moniker—currently underway. It’s expected to be completed by next spring, and in advance of that, the project’s developers (Aurora Capital Associates and William Gottlieb Real Estate) are offering a peek inside, with fresh renderings of the building itself as well as its forthcoming office spaces.

The images offer a new view of the so-called “solar carve” that once gave the building its name. (The building was “sculpted by the angles of the sun,” according to Studio Gang.) It’s designed in such a way so that the structure will not cast shadows on the adjacent park, and the glass facade—which includes some three-dimensional pieces—will have less of the glare and solar heat issues typically found in those buildings. (The glass pieces are even angled in such a way to reduce bird strikes—how thoughtful.)

Those three-dimensional windows influence the building’s interiors, with those 3D windows becoming a focal point of the interiors, at least on the sides of the building where they’re located. High ceilings and large windows continue the theme of letting sunlight shape the building.

On a practical level, the 139,000-square-foot building will rise 10 stories, with ground-floor retail and plenty of outdoor space—there’ll be a roof deck, a courtyard adjacent to the High Line, and private terraces on eight of its 10 floors.