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Dyson vacuum inventor snags $74M Park Avenue penthouse

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James Dyson is one of the exclusive Park Avenue tower’s high-profile buyers

Courtesy of Zeckendorf Development LLC

The city’s least gossiped-about ultraluxury tower, 520 Park Avenue, has nabbed a high-profile buyer for one of its super-pricey apartments. The New York Post reports that James Dyson, inventor of super-pricey vacuum cleaners (and hair dryers), purchased an apartment in the Robert A.M. Stern-designed tower for a cool $74 million. (His net worth is around $10 billion—the fancy vacuum cleaner business is quite lucrative, it seems.)

Dyson bought one of the building’s four penthouses, all of which are close to 10,000 square feet; Dyson’s comes with six bedrooms and more than 270 square feet of outdoor space. Other penthouse buyers in the building include Frank Fertitta, a Las Vegas-based billionaire whose family owns a casino company (and used to own the Ultimate Fighting Championship league).

The luxury slowdown hasn’t touched 520 Park Avenue, apparently: All of the recorded closings for the building are for apartments asking north of $15 million, and several other high-priced pads are currently in contract.

Dyson’s purchase has yet to hit public records, but if it does before the end of the year, it’d rank among the most expensive sales transactions for 2018.

520 Park Ave

520 Park Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10065